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Sojourners Class | ABSF

Sojourners Class | ABSF

The Sojourners ABSF meets at 8 AM and is perfect for people with responsibilities that will not allow them to attend a class during the 9:30 or 11 AM times. We are service-oriented, which means there are many opportunities for being active in our community. We also love to spend time with each other and plan many fellowship times-everything from a Mystery Breakfast to a Fall cookout and Spring picnic. We have a great teacher and the lessons are discussion-oriented to clarify how we can apply what we are learning to the world around us. All ages are welcome. The class currently consists of mostly retired couples and singles. There is not child care available at this time.

  • Group Type: ABSF
  • Meeting Days: Sunday
  • Meeting Time: Morning
  • Campus: College Church of the Nazarene
  • Child Care: No


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